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Mindful tourism is set to be a trend nowadays. We are talking not just about taking some rest or changing scenery, but about a desire to reboot, to get inspired, to gain fresh and stimulating experiences, whether it’s a search for Zen in the ashrams in India or the thrill of meeting wild animals in the safari-parks in Africa.
Visiting exotic countries, getting to know their inhabitants, taking part in various traditional ceremonies, themed travelling – food trips, road trips, girls-only trips… Some say that you don’t need a travel agency for that, because who knows better than you what you really want?
But just imagine how much time you need to spend surfing online and looking for the necessary information, planning an interesting route, reading reviews, searching for comfortable connection flights. And all of this while keeping a certain budget in mind and hoping not to start dreaming about bookings and Airbnb’s at night. We know how it feels!
And time is money!
Planning the trip is essential because you want the trip to be great, just like anything you do.
Leave this part to us – we will make sure your trip goes the way you want it to.

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